Marketing YOUR HOME

In today's competitive real estate market, the key to success is differentiation - doing common things in an uncommon way. In fact, differentiation from the competition has become the cornerstone of outstanding real estate service.

We are proud to deliver exceptional property marketing that is designed to quickly attract attention and showcase your property with a digital-first strategy that maximizes the modern media marketplace. Coldwell Banker Realty is committed to ensuring that your property is uniquely positioned to sell.

Professional Photography

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then beautiful high-quality images could be worth thousands of dollars when selling your home. I'll make your property look its very best, thanks to professional photography that encourages buyers who are browsing online to slow down and take notice.


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My distinct Coldwell Banker® yard sign attracts the attention of buyers, who can instantly view details of your property using the CB Mobile Brochure technology. An exclusive yard sign panel delivers your home's unique details and photos to consumer mobile phones. Every inquiry becomes a lead, allowing me to proactively engage and follow up with interested buyers.


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I'Il showcase your home's unique selling points with a professionally printed property brochure filed with high-quality photography and powerful content. It features a trackable QR code so interested buyers can contact m e directly.


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Today's buyers are active online, which is where I'I heavily promote your property to generate buzz and attract the attention of potential buyers. Using Boost I'll get the word out about your listing on Facebook, Instagram, Waze and across the web with visually compelling ads that are powered by the industry's best targeting to ensure the right audiences see your home.


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When paired with digital marketing, specialty marketing, like direct mailers, serves to set your listing apart and remains an effective add-on for directly connecting with buyers in your area. It's also a resourceful way to tap into your neighbors' networks- creating an opportunity for them to notify their family and friends who are looking for a home. Any potential buyers will be able to reach me immediately for more information using the trackable QR code that's built right in to the materials.